Are you one of those people who like to buy appliances from the General Electric Company for their reliability, features and quality? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here in the article “” you will learn all about how to buy different types of appliances online with discounted rates and many other offers.

But before we talk about the services and features offered by the platform. We need to register our account on the platform and complete the login process. User Guides

Requirements for the application process on the GE Platform.

First, the individuals attempting to access GE product registration must meet the necessary requirements listed here in this section below. Requirements such as,

  • You must have a registered account on the platform.
  • Email address and password set during the registration procedure on the said platform.
  • Or through their social media accounts on Facebook or Google. (Linked to the platform)
  • The official web address of the said web portal.
  • A secure web browser that has been updated to the latest version.
  • A compatible device that meets the requirements of the web page, for example, a laptop or mobile phone.
  • A secure, stable and fast internet connection on your device, preferably a WiFi connection.

Steps to create an account on the web portal

To register an account on the GE register appliance online web portal, please follow the detailed instructions provided below this section.

  • Access the  GE Appliances Login  web address from the installed web browser on your device.
  • On the login page, click on the “Create an account” option at the bottom of the page.
  • A new page will be shown, please add your valid email address, first name, last name, contact number here.
  • Then add the password for your account and confirm the password.
  • Accept the option “I agree to these terms and conditions” and answer the captcha on the page.
  • And finally, hit the “create account” option below.
  • You will now receive a confirmation email or instant message on your device.

Application procedure for the Appliances Registration Web Portal.

If you are using the platform for the first time, follow the step-by-step guide below to complete the login process without any hassle.

  • Click on the GE Appliances Login web address provided here –
  • Once the login page appears, add your email address and password as prompted in the respective sections.
  • Then press the “login” option below.
  • As mentioned above, you can also login to your account through social media profiles or without password (email code).

How can you recover your account on the platform if you have lost your password?

In the event that you lose the password for your account at online, you can still successfully recover your account by resetting the password. For this process, go through the detailed tutorial given below.

  • Visit the GE Appliances Login website at the web address listed here –
  • On the login page, find the “Forgot password” option under the login sections.
  • Then add your email address associated with your account to the requested field.
  • Then press the “send” menu below.
  • You will now receive an email with the password reset link.
  • Open this email and click on the given link.
  • Enter your new password here on the new page.
  • Re-enter the new password for confirmation.
  • Therefore, using this updated password, you can recover your account by going to the login page.
  • Moreover, the above-mentioned tutorial can help the users to easily change their password on the online web portal.

Features of the web-based platform

Here in this section, we will take a detailed look at the different features that one can access on the platform Features like,

  • On the online platform, users can easily register the products or devices. In addition, access to important information such as model, installation, user manual of the previously registered products.
  • All registered devices or products are displayed in the user’s personal profiles, from which he/she can add new products, remove products, access product information and much more. And they can also update the information on their personal profiles when needed.
  • More importantly, the users can use this platform to request maintenance services, schedule services and also access the service history of the previous product.
  • And through the service history feature, they can access other important information such as the amount, invoice date, product type, scheduled service date and much more.
  • Through this platform, they can discover the different subscriptions that the company offers on this platform. You can add or remove these subscriptions at any time.
  • In addition, they can also easily order the parts for the devices or products online by subscribing to the smart order subscription.
  • Other than this, the users can subscribe to the company’s blogs and e-newsletters to find out the various special offers, product details, etc. if necessary.

What are the precautions you should take to avoid technical web problems?

The users visiting web portal have reported several common technical issues such as login errors, web browser issues, troubleshooting issues, screen freezes, maintenance issues, etc. while accessing the online portal. So, to help you, we’ve put together some precautions to follow. This will allow you to easily avoid or fix the above mentioned issues.

  • Preferably use secure web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
  • Avoid using the auto-complete feature while accessing the respective web portal.
  • Keep your login details safe in a secure web browser for later access.
  • Update your web browser when the updates are available in the app store.
  • Clear the cache and search history on your device regularly.
  • Ensure stable internet access on your device, during your online session on the platform.
  • If you have antivirus or firewall systems installed on your device, check their block lists. Because they often block unknown websites.
  • If prompted by the web page, you must accept the captcha and cookies option.

General Electric Company

A globally known multinational company based in Boston City, United States of America. That has its branches in many sectors such as aviation, digital industry, arms production, locomotives, venture capital, renewable energy, energy and finance. Historically, the company was founded 129 years ago on April 15, 1892 by Thomas Edison, Charles A. Coffin, Elihu Thomson and Edwin J.Houston in Schenectady City, New York. The company is currently headquartered in Boston City, Massachusetts.

In addition, the company offers various products and services for customers and clients all over the world. Products, for example aircraft engines, wind turbines, software, energy, electric motors, finance, power distribution and finance. Apart from this, the company has many other subsidiaries under its wing such as GE Healthcare, GE Renewable Energy, GE Aviation, GE Additive, GE Power, GE Capital, GE Research and GE Digital.

H Lawrence Culp Jr is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the General Electric Company. However, the company has faced downtime due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in the indefinite closure of many factories, industries and corporate offices. And because of this, the company currently has annual sales of $75.619 billion, which is far less than its usual revenue.

Employee Benefits Offered by the General Electric Corporation

The GE Corporation offers several employee benefits to its more than 205,000 employees in 130 countries around the world. These employee benefits are described in much more detail below.

  • The company offers multiple health care plans offered by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association for its employees to choose from.
  • It also offers dental and facial insurance and employee coverage plans with free braces and free contact lenses/glasses every year.
  • Retirement plan with retirement fund option along with the popular 401k plan with up to 80% company matching.
  • To ensure the financial security of employees, the company offers death and mutilation insurance. And also short-term and long-term insurance and cover.
  • The workers suffering from medical fertility problems can get benefits up to $30,000 dollars for IVF fertility treatment.
  • The employees can get a generous paid period of 4-6 weeks for maternity or paternity leave.
  • In addition, the employees who take graduate courses at accredited universities can receive tuition up to $50,000 each year under the Employee Education Assistance Program.
  • To help the employee improve their skills and job performance, the company offers various training programs for them.
  • The company believes that everyone should contribute to society in one way or another. That’s why they promote their employees to participate in 1-week volunteer programs for non-profit organizations.

Other benefits

  • As discussed above, the current Covid-19 pandemic has left workers concerned about their health and, more importantly, contracting the Covid-19 virus. That’s why the company proposed a work-from-home policy that allows employees who can’t come to the offices to work from home safely.
  • The company offers eligible employees a generous paid vacation period of more than 3 weeks.
  • Most importantly, to help the employee maintain their well-being, the company offers free membership at select gyms and discounted memberships at other gyms near their place.
  • Employees can also receive discounts of up to 20% on purchases of products offered by GE Company and other popular stores or companies.

How to apply for a job at the General Electronics Company?

Since GE company is popular worldwide, many recent graduate students and experienced candidates like to work for this company. And for all those interested, we have provided detailed instructions for them to follow to apply to the General Electric Company.

  • First connect to the  Career Opportunities at GE | GE Building a World That Works  web address provided here.
  • On the career page, go through various sections explaining working life at GE company, and the many benefits an employee can get by working here at this company.
  • After reading all this information, return to the top of the page.
  • Then enter the type of job you are looking for and click on the “search” icon.
  • Now all available vacancies based on your chosen job type will be shown here on the new page.
  • Here on this page, use the additional filters such as job title, location, country, experience, etc. to narrow down the vacancies displayed.
  • Once you have found the job you are looking for, click on the appropriate vacancy.
  • Then go through the job details on the page, such as job responsibilities, educational qualifications, required skills, etc.
  • If you have all the information needed for this position, click on the “Apply Now” option in the top right corner of the page.
  • And follow the instructions on the page and include any personal information requested.
  • Add resume to this application and then click the “send” option at the bottom of the page.
  • If you have been selected for this position, the company will contact you within a few weeks.


In this article, you will learn all about the online web portal and its many features and functions. You will also learn about the various benefits of creating an account on the said platform. Using detailed user guides in the above article. Find out through this article all the in-depth information about the GE company, its history, products and services, current service areas, employee benefits, and much more. And also learn how to apply for jobs at the GE company using the instructions in the section above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “” web portal? is an online portal where users can search, find and order various devices and products offered by the company by creating an account.

What are the advantages of creating an account on the online portal “”?

By creating an account on the platform, the users can access various functions such as booking products, access to invoices, scheduling services, manage product payments and much more.

In which countries is the company General Electric present?

The General Electric Company is present in more than 130 countries around the world through factories, research labs, corporate offices, etc.

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